FAQs about the New SJC Portal


Go the New Portal.

1. What happened to the old SJC Portal?

It has been retired and upgraded to a new Shared Drive. All of the folders and data from the old portal have been been copied to the new Shared Drive.

2. What is a Shared Drive?

A Shared Drive is a special type of Google Drive instance that exists independently of any individual Gmail account and is accessible by the whole Chapter without any individual mother needing to "share" a document. It is a standalone document repository like ones you may use at work.

3. Where can I find the new Portal?

Go here. You can also find it under "Shared Drives" in the main menu of your personal J&J Google Drive account.

4. How can I log into the new Portal?

Log in using your existing Jack and Jill Gmail Account (the one in the format {your name}[email protected]) This is the only account you will need for the new portal.

5. How do I reset my password?

Follow the instructions here. It works the same as any Google account.

6. How much storage do I have in the new Portal?

The SJC Shared Drive has 2TB of available space shared among all mothers. There is no individual limit or cap as a shared drive is not associated with an individual. 2TB is 300 times more than the total amount of space the Chapter was using in the old Portal.

7. Can all Mothers see and access all folders in the new Shared drive?

Yes. All members of a Shared drive can view and access everything within it. Keep this in mind when uploading documents.

However, there is now a separate private area restricted to current members of the Executive Board.

8. Who do I contact if I have technical trouble?

Start with the Chapter's Tech lead, which is currently Mother Veda. She will reach out to Father Jamel for additional assistance when needed.

If you need urgent help, you can also email [email protected] and Father Jamel or someone on his staff will assist you.


Go the New Portal.